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About Us

D|RES Properties is an established building company which is at the forefront of innovation, standing behind 50 years of Durkan house building history. The family name has become synonymous with the delivery of quality family homes in Ireland and is firmly built on the construction of quality assured homes across the Greater Dublin Area.



The Durkan family home building tradition spans almost 50 years, constructing thousands of quality new homes across the Greater Dublin Area.



Our award-winning approach to housing design offers high levels of comfort and healthier living environments, coupled with low levels of energy consumption and significant cost savings.



While delivering high quality homes in well-connected locations, we are also creating new, well designed communities, to serve our customers into the future.

We are customer led, and passionate to create value for the homeowner, which is at the heart of our business.

This customer focus provides a greater understanding of the emerging market dynamics, something that makes us ideally placed to create Ireland’s next generation of sustainable communities We aim to make a difference and ensure that our customers can have a positive impact on both their community and the environment.

The Management Team at D|RES has been pioneering in delivering the largest certified Passive House development in Ireland and won the national SEAI award for this achievement in 2017.

Purchasing a D|RES home is a positive statement and the houses we construct are future proofed for renewable energy upgrades if owners want to become energy self-sufficient.