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Building Sustainable Communities

D|RES has a long and rich history of community development and engagement in Ireland.

While delivering high quality homes in well-connected locations, we are also creating new, well-designed communities, to serve our customers and the wider locality into the future. We strive to continually improve through partnerships with local events and clubs along with boosting our processes and the amenities we provide.

The following outlines the key D|RES activities in 2021, which are in line with our engagment programme goals and targets.

Sport in the Community

Naomh Mearnóg GAA

D|RES is the proud sponsor of Naomh Mearnóg GAA club. The Club has been central to a vibrant sporting community in Portmarnock since 1975. They’re focus is to provide best in class sporting and social opportunities to everyone in Portmarnock and its surrounding areas. As we play a role in the major growth of the town over the next decade, it is important to us to build lasting relationships with institutions such as Naomh Mearnóg and others going forward.

Greystones Girls Soccer

D|RES also currently sponsors the U13 girls Greystones soccer team. The Seahorses, as they like to call themselves, are a well-established club in the Wicklow area. They offer soccer training with dedicated competitive boys’ and girls’ teams. There are multiple teams per age division that are run by very dedicated coaches.

The club is part of the Dublin & District Schoolboys/girls League and participates at community events such as St. Patricks’ Parades. The club has the largest number of all-girls teams in County Wicklow. D|RES has many developments in the Wicklow area, and we are proud to be engaged with such a fantastic club.

Community Events

School Outreach

In November 2021, D|RES is helping to organise for 60 children from a local school in Sandymount to assist in cleaning the beach in front of the Poolbeg chimneys.

Through regular fun beach cleaning, junior and senior school workshops and clean-up events we aim to do what we can to make a real difference whilst educating our children in a fun way.

This is their future, and we believe that with positivity and focused action, our oceans and sea life can continue to flourish.

The Shaking Bog Festival

D|RES was delighted to be a premium sponsor of the 2021 festival, The Shaking Bog.

The literary festival offers a diverse range of offerings, many of which happen outdoors or in an open marquee, will include readings, workshops, public interviews, outdoor performances, films, concerts, workshops, nature trails and more.

Artists of the very highest calibre – both national and international. The Shaking Bog Festival invites people to step away from the trials of everyday life and move towards a deeper appreciation of their instinctive connection to the natural world.

2022 And Beyond

For 2022 we will strive to continue and build on the work we do to better the communities we are a part of. Providing more green spaces, parks and sports facilities will continue to be a focus for us.

As part of our Tinakilly Park development in Wicklow, we have engaged with the local council, and we will be providing public parks and a designated area for a GAA pitch. In addition, several of our developments include or will include shops, creches, play-grounds and other essential amenities for the community.

Future community amenities D|RES is excited to provide include Visitor EV charge points, bicycle storage, food truck and event spaces, dog parks, running tracks and high quality outdoor gyms.

Housing Development Street

Art integration is another area that we are keen to explore. We hope to commission local artists to create unique pieces for our developments. Using local materials and taking inspiration from local geographic, historical or cultural references, we believe this will help to evoke a sense of place and pride within the community.

For 2022 D|RES aims to implement a Responsible construction checklist. The checklist has been designed to ensure a better site relationship with the community throughout the development.

In addition to rigorous Health and safety protocols, community factors are also at the core. Ensuring all neighbours are kept informed of ongoing works and allow feedback and complaints to be made. Clear site boundary and hazard signage.

Adhering to any site hours and noise restrictions particularly when near schools, hospitals, houses etc. local environmental and biodiversity will also be closely considered. Energy and water saving/ monitoring measures on site, oil spillage equipment along with adequate and tidy storage for site materials.

An impact minimisation strategy will also be ensured for each site. This strategy will include biodiversity, ecological features and pollution control.

Housing Development Street

Our People

In 2021 we appointed a new Customer Service Co-Ordinator - Michael Leahy. Michael, who lost his sight 2 years ago, now uses innovative audio-based technology for his daily commute to work.

This technology has allowed Michael to regain his independence and integrate into new work and social surroundings.

Michael’s inspirational story led to him being approached by Microsoft to be their ambassador for Microsoft Soundscape.

A Commitment to Sustainability


D|RES Properties demonstrates its continuing commitment to ESG transparency and improved performance by participating in the 2021 Real Estate Assessment.

D|RES is one of the leading home building companies in Ireland and have integrated ESG principles throughout the business. GRESB provides a framework to clearly demonstrate our ESG achievements and a roadmap for continuous improvement as we strive to be a top rated residential developer in Ireland and Europe by 2023.

D|RES established a company wide ESG team and hired a dedicated Head of Sustainability to drive ESG actions throughout the organisation. Our ESG team is passionate about implementing actions which reduce our impact on the environment but also improve the wellbeing of our employees and customers.


Established in 2009, GRESB has become the leading ESG benchmark for real estate and infrastructure investments across the world, used by 140 institutional and financial investors to inform decision-making.

In 2021, more than 1,500 property companies, REITs, funds and developers participated in the Real Estate Assessment, representing $5.7 trillion in assets under management.

GRESB is a mission-driven and industry-led organisation providing standardised and validated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data to financial markets.

GRESB assesses and benchmarks the ESG performance of assets worldwide, providing clarity and insights to financial markets on complex sustainability topics.